If you’re planning on getting married next year, be sure that your wedding is bound to be gorgeous with these trends. We have already started designing the wedding stationery for our beloved couples for 2019.

Metallic Textures
It’s expected that in 2019 we’ll see more metallic elements incorporated into our typographies and graphic design compositions as well. They add style to simple designs and an interesting outcome to some ‘’boring’’ visuals.

Cropped Typography
Typography is perhaps the most important and interesting part of graphic design. Great typography can add style and personality to a wedding invitation. A bad choice in fonts, size and composition however, can ruin an entire design.
When it comes to adding a great visual composition to our copy texts, our mind goes to one of the hottest trends of 2018 that will also be present during 2019. It requires some skills to do it without losing in readability. It adds an artistic touch that our clients usually ask for, through simplicity and beauty.

Color Transitions
We got used with color transitions in 2018. It was a huge and popular trend that we in Bright White loved, when everybody seemed to embrace the idea of flat designs. Well, in 2019 we expect to see transitions coming back to life, something that we absolutely adore!

Pop art – bold colours
Nobody likes plain graphic design. It’s boring. Pop art and bold colour can do miracles with a simple design. And YES…we do love miracles!!!